Thursday, June 25, 2009


Steak and black pepper gravy with mashed potatoes.

I want you.


Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's already June!

College life is getting harder.

The dramas are piling up twice as much as the workload.

And I have a very troubling stomach problem that compels me to head to the toilet after almost every heavy meal. I wouldn't mind half as much if it's contributing to any kind of weight loss on my behalf, really.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So Many Changes, So Little Time...!

I'm going nuts here.

My hair's changed, drastically.

So have my eyes (albeit VERY temporarily, or so I hope).

My bank account was more filled than it had been in many months, only to be emptied within the range of a few days to its normal... aerated... state.

My cozy, tiny little room over at my aunt's, which actually happen to be her son's, is now filled with stuff that are haphazardly packed and (sorta) ready to go. But that's only half of all that I intend to bring x.x

I'm excited. Because of that, I'm scared crapless. Nothing good ever came out of being too excited about something, in my case- except for vacations in RT.

Arghh! I'm confused!

I've also been playing Tradewinds Legends and finished the game thrice already in less than a week; then I started replaying Talismania Deluxe. One of my loves, Maxtor HDD, has been nestling in his little place in the antique laptop bag for quite a while now. All because someone keeps delaying the delivery of my items back to me, and that includes that useful multi-plug multi-socket extension thingymajig. Grrr...

I shall remember not to prioritize my (future) boyfriend over my other obligations and duties >.>

My littlest brother, the littlest of them all, turned 8 3 days ago! So a happy belated to him! (I wasn't able to do a specific post in his honor on the day itself since I've been busy as feck)!

And I smell like a saloon. Fortunately it's a nice smell to me, and is not causing any more allergic reactions.

Seems like everyone's feeling confused and terribly out-of-order this past week... Hopefully the next week will turn out better for the most of us.

Supplements... Zzzz... Second day of tidal waves...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My First Time Ever...!

That's right, boys and girls. I finally did it.

That thing that made me go 'gaga' and feel all socially inadequate since most other people have experienced it.

...Not that, you pervert.

I watched two movies at the cinema back to back tonight!

One movie to amp up your adrenaline in the evening is enough to keep your thoughts racing throughout the night (or otherwise- for people who have different tendencies, i.e get exhausted by sensory overload and sleep like a log immediately after). This, however, was comprised of TWO predicted-mega-blockbusters back-to-back and, needless to say, they were action-packed.

No, that's not it. Action-packed is an understatement.

I acted like a kid who just went on her first rollercoaster ride: All proud, like she had finally gotten the pass to a real adult's form of exhilarating entertainment.

And my tickets were sponsored, which really iced the cake ;)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ice Skating Woes

I've only skated on ice thrice in my life; all those sessions amounting up to no more than 10 hours.

Suffice to say I'm not the best skater out there; but over here where there's only one known place to skate, I'm not the worst either. In fact, I can pretty much glide as smoothly as seasoned skaters if I had my PIC with me to hold my right hand.

Unfortunately, said PIC is nowhere to be found, cutting all forms of contact so that I can't even begin to stalk her. One begins to wonder what happened as one recalls the pivotal moment of one's life that second time on ice *insert drool face here*...

If only my life were made out of miracles, I'd be able to see my dream guy again and this time initiate some form of contact with him. But He has other plans for me, rather than making me fall in love with some perfect-looking dude clad in black who skates with the grace of a swan and seemed to have walked out one of my dreams...


I wish I could skate after this whole fiasco is done with...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Multitude of Gratitude

For these people who have stuck with me in all their pixellated glory...

NM. For sticking with me throughout the years, even after quite some time of losing contact, and picking up right where we left off effortlessly. And for those god ol' days when I could actually communicate with you in a non-pixellated way, BFF!

NC. For always being there when I need you, and being so much of a determined, passionate genius that you became an inspiration.

R. For your cuteness, R-rated language and angelic looks. And all those times you cheered me up, even if they were crude.

FO. For always trying to be there for me. And for that time I wailed to you on the phone. It must've been hard...

EJ. For still being there, even if your existence is hardly more than smoke these days. And those phone calls. I'm sure if I poked you right...

SB. For your creative artwork, your generous helpings of cheer and your constant concern. And of course, your loyalty.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


A friend of mine is planning to join Gonville & Caius, pronounced as 'Keys', located at the high-end world of academics known as Cambridge. THE Cambridge.

I really want to join you, genius friend. But let's be real here, I don't really have the 'Key' ingredient to even qualify as an applicant. Cambridge, in and of itself, is already such a wonderfully out-of-reach target. But one of the HARDEST college to get into within such an imposing institution?

Sometimes you can feel so bashed and stupid by such kind gestures lol.

I'm pretty sure Goneville & Chaos would love to have me as their newest member though.


My world is collapsing in on me.

Otou-san, Okaa-san... be strong. For everyone.